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"A few more"

Three orangutans came again and crowded together with them.
But the federal mecha still did not move.
"Twisted rope"
When the lights of the orangutans shone on the body of the rope winding machine, their ears suddenly sounded full of panic.
"Return all the apes immediately."
What’s going back?
Did the main force of the Federation suddenly appear?
But it’s impossible. Although there are no satellite reconnaissance units, it’s impossible for the imperial alien to be unaware of the large-scale federal troop mobilization.
Or …
Mechanical power rope stretched straight beside the federal mecha orangutans at the same time power finally turned over the federal mecha.
No cockpit door
There is no gap in the front of this federal mecha, and there is no head position or camera structure. The limbs and the main body are forged as a whole.
Not a federal mecha but a pure metal body shaped like a federal mecha.
These two are fake. What about ten federal mecha surrounded by more than two hundred of them?
"Imperial orangutans are so stupid."
"monkeys are stupid, too."
"Ha ha ha, they really didn’t look at us."
"I’m sorry, I thought the plan was a fantasy before, but I was wrong."
"It’s not that you’re wrong. It’s that Lao Ji is too powerful. He must have a mental retardation aura. These imperial orangutans all have auras."
"What aura?"
"You mean Lao Ji is mentally retarded?"
"Fuck you. Beep."
The dialogue sounded very relaxed in the communication channel of Xinghe team.
Because of the orbital descent, they did not encounter interception attacks from imperial troops.
It’s like they made their first body orbital descent 14 hours ago.
When the black parachute bloomed in the night, it was perfectly blended with the sky, and the attention was diverted. The imperial troops did not notice the abnormality.
"Everyone has an umbrella off."