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Good Bai yinting remember the car license plate number at the same time Bai chengyu will drive up.

The two men chased it all the way and soon saw the taxi driving for a long time. They missed a red light intersection because there was a car in the middle.
Looking at the car before the red light, Bai Yinting was annoyed and whispered, "Is it a bridge to turn at this intersection?"
"You mean Yimo, she is purposeful …" Bai Chengyu left words unfinished.
Bai yinting, of course, has such concerns. he really doesn’t want things to make a big deal, but it is out of his control.
Soon their car passed the intersection, and although the taxi was no longer visible, they intuitively crossed the bridge.
Sure enough, it didn’t take long to see Yimo. After all, her wedding dress was too eye-catching
At the moment, she has crossed the bridge and is holding her wedding dress with both hands, in order to climb in front of her and install a guardrail.
"Bad" Bai Yinting asked Bai Chengyu to stop at once. Before waiting for the bus to stop, he jumped out of the car and ran through the traffic.
Now is the time to race, although not * * but Bai Yinting also can not consider too much.
Bai Chengyu parked the car on the side of the road and ran past, which is naturally slower than Bai Yinting.
When Bai Yinting ran to Yimo’s side, Yimo just climbed to jump and would fall into the rushing river.
"Yimo, are you crazy? Come on "Bai yinting panting held out his hand.
"Xiaobai" Yimo turned her head and the wind messed up her hair. "I feel so tired to be alive. If I die, everyone will be relieved. It doesn’t make any difference at all."
"What are you thinking? No one let you die because you are too sensitive." Bai Yinting was in a hurry.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three Someone black-box exercise
Bai Yin court method to watch Yimo disappear forever in front of himself, so he was really nervous and tried his best to pull Yimo away from his face.
But she is very depressed now, and she may jump at any time.
"Xiao Bai, you’re not sad after I die. I went to see the cemetery. Maybe my funeral is the last thing I bother you with." Yimo’s tears began to fly.
"We haven’t reached the time to talk about these things. You came and we went home." Bai Yinting approached slowly.
"Don’t come here," Yimo suddenly became excited.
"I didn’t, but it’s too dangerous." Bai Yinting was afraid that she would accidentally fall.
Real Yimo is also nervous, and her face will be so ugly because she doesn’t want to die, and she is also very careful.
When Bai Chengyu came over, a gust of wind just blew through Yimo’s body, and when his foot slipped, he fell sideways.
Fortunately, Bai Yinting was relatively close, and she was pulled by Yimo, who was pale and could not say a word.
At that time, I was really scared, and my brain was staring at Bai Yinting with white eyes. Even a word to save me could not be said.
Bai yinting tugged at him. fortunately, Bai chengyu arrived with him to pull Yimo.
Back on the ground, Yimo’s seven souls and six souls slowly returned to her place. She really was going to die just now.
"Yimo, are you okay?" Bai Chengyu felt that Yimo’s eyes were a little distracted.
It took Yimo a long time to slow down and help her up. After all, it will cause onlookers and some unnecessary troubles here, so they have to leave as soon as possible.
Yimo didn’t think of herself until she felt that her legs seemed soft. She looked at Bai Yinting and suddenly hugged him. Bai Yinting kissed his lips before he could react.
Bai yinting, of course, didn’t expect Yimo to do this, and she was surprised to push her away only to find that she was holding her tightly.
"Yimo …" Bai Chengyu some heartache him in addition to silent grief?
Sure enough, Yimo is braver than all of them when facing feelings.
Bai yinting managed to push Yimo away from Yimo, frowning and still staring at Bai yinting’s eyes. his hands didn’t let go of his neck.
"What are you doing?" Bai yinting can’t understand
"I feel that I have died once, but I can be reborn and want to give myself the courage to live." Yimo whispered
Bai yinting don’t want to blame her sighed "home"
"I can’t leave, please hug me." Yimo began to coquetry.
"I’ll hug you." Bai Chengyu thinks that it is not appropriate to hug her in public places like Bai Yinting, which is easy to cause misunderstanding.
But Yimo didn’t look at him at all, but prayed for looking at Bai Yinting "Xiao Bai really can’t give me courage to live? That night … "
"I hug you" Bai Yinting was really afraid of what happened that night in Yimo.
Bai Chengyu narrowed his eyes that night, and these four words began to have limited reverie in his heart.
Bai Yinting held Yimo to Bai Chengyu’s car. Bai Chengyu hasn’t walked over yet. Bai Yinting actually drove the car away.