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Chapter 321 The moon and the moon are abnormal

According to the normal understanding or Longzhou people’s definition of’ Qi’, the longer you practice, the worse you will be.
Kazeman revealed that there was no way to cultivate Qi in the phase information, nor did he say that Qi could be cultivated in the information of Qi, but he kept silent because he knew it was the card that it could live.
But it said that the earlier you get the power of Qi, the higher your talent is, and the stronger your Qi will be.
Generally speaking, the so-called’ talent’ is blood inheritance.
The most powerful bloodline of the empire is that the royal family members are more powerful than Marquis like Kazeman and many dukes.
Second, the ancestors received the imperial emperor’s gift and the’ Qi’ power to inherit the blood.
This is evidenced by the fact that Belrossi IV’s ancestors obtained the strength of Qi. Although it was almost the same as Kazeman and received the gift of the imperial emperor, it possessed much stronger Qi than Kazeman.
It is worth noting that even with the gift of the imperial emperor, mastering the’ Qi’ power can make but not give it to orangutans.
It is said that the Monkey Method gained the strength of Qi because of blood.
However, based on his own situation, Ji Xinghe speculated that the empire was similar to the blue star ape species to bear the’ Qi’ force
If "Qi" power is this kind of "radiation" in his body.
Orangutans can bear it, and so can he.
You are a humanoid gorilla?
There is no doubt that Ji Xinghe can’t compete with ordinary orangutans in terms of less explosive power if he doesn’t consider the’ radiation’ strength and pure physical fitness.
That is, the average physical fitness of orangutans is four times that of humans, while that of aristocratic orangutans can reach six times.
Both of them have been ignored by him.
And what he has to verify now is how big the gap is between him and the angry aristocratic orangutan.
The reference targets are Marquis Kazeman, Duke Berrossi IV and Prince Adakang.
He prepared three metal plates.
At most, the machine repair area is all kinds of scrap metal scraps, which are cleaned and recycled every once in a while. Some of them have no recycling value and can be discarded as garbage.
What they have in common is that they are not in the logistics records.
At night, Ji Xinghe, who came to the machine maintenance area, did not attract others’ attention.
Although he is conspicuous in radiation protection, his body is a time to rest at night. There are very few people in the repair area and they are scattered among each other.
In order to ensure that the physical condition is convenient for better work, aliens maintain the habit of standard interest in non-wartime
Occasionally, there will be overtime work due to the tense war. For example, Ji Xinghe and Shen Mu won’t go back to rest until the middle of the night in the contribution list of the No.5 base maintenance area.
Looking around, Xinghe, like a thief, took Shen Mu to prepare a metal plate for him and found a monitoring dead angle position.
Under normal circumstances, it will wait for the repair area. Behind Xingyue, Lixingyue’s tall body platform blocks the base camera.
He doesn’t want to be seen.
But he didn’t know that he had an audience.
Master, what is this about?
Xingyue developed a strong curiosity to analyze its own function. Ji Xinghe brought three metal plates.
Her move was discovered by Ji Xinghe because her eyes lit up behind her.
Xingyue and Ji Xinghe looked at each other and scared Xingyue, but she was too heavy, so she didn’t really jump up.