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However, the incident happened suddenly, and the level of the Earl’s armor was higher than that of the first line.

So the second Earl Armor was broken.
At this time, the first broken Earl Armor has crashed into the attack Earl Armor, but it was turned around by Earl Armor and then the mecha combating Dao penetrated into the cockpit.
Although there is mental arithmetic, it is still clean and broken twice.
Because of these two times, Ji Xinghe had to rush to the side of the closed transition door, or it was originally prepared to retreat from Earl A, without thinking about what their teammates wanted to attack them or asking questions, they would face Ji Xinghe’s combating Dao.
A butcher knife, to be more precise.
The only butcher’s knife that didn’t face Ji Xinghe’s hand was the one that theoretically helped Ji Xinghe protect the earl armor of the transition door.
After it didn’t go to war, it was the mecha combating Dao in the hand next to the transition door that had fallen down.
Turned out to be finished his life and death to Ji Xinghe.
"Master, your charisma as a leader is really comparable."
The moon and the stars praised that she had already shouted at the Earl Armor. She had already learned the imperial language, and she wanted to go to the empire during these three years, but she chose to give up because it was too dangerous after all.
Moreover, Ji Xinghe could not do without his help to the Yingling Council during these three years, and so did he.
The Earl A also responded that Ji Xinghe didn’t understand him very well, and he never gave up learning and progress. He didn’t become knowledgeable in three years.
But it is enough for the moon and the stars to understand.
"Master, it says it wants to follow you, and it will accept it if you want to imprison it or kill it, but if you are willing to let it drive the mecha, it will never be softer than us in killing its kin."
Ji Xinghe raised his eyebrows slightly.
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Chapter 577 The sun and ominous
From the perspective of the sky, the battlefield has changed again.
If it is said that the former is a giant seven-tooth rake, it keeps crossing from the position composed of imperial mecha, leaving a ravine composed of imperial mecha bodies.
Shaped like a chessboard
That’s a light snow now.
Light snow snowflakes are not big, the shape of hexagonal ice crystals can’t be seen, and the gap between snowflakes is also very large because this light snow is not dense.
However, in the winter, the light snow has fallen without melting, and in a few moments, the earth has been covered by this light snow.
Only then did the light snow reveal its truth.
It’s the imperial mecha metal body that purifies the world. It’s the blood of imperial orangutans.
If the orangutan dies, the planet will naturally return to a peaceful place, which is a kind of purification.
The real purification of snowflakes is the numerous ten-man teams composed of independent regiments mecha, and the formal teams composed of those who cut the mountain armor completely defeated the imperial mecha corps, and then they were divided into ten-man teams again in a short time together with the independent regiments that charged from the surface.
For example, the seven-tooth rake suddenly breaks down, because the hard fragments of the main component material are still sharp when sputtering, which is more powerful than nail-breaking.
Watching the end of this war from a high perspective is faster than everyone expected.
Ten mecha a small group of independent groups in the face of those scattered imperial mecha like love killing machine constantly after, extermination.
Battlefield Imperial Mecha Corps Anti-Xinghe Mecha Corps besieged Ji Xinghe and occupied an area of only three square kilometers when he was alone.
When the battle finally ended, the whole battlefield area had spread to 20 square kilometers.
This is an exaggeration.
But it is not the battlefield area that spreads too fast, but it spreads too slowly. Because of the speed of the mecha on both sides, the imperial mecha can easily run for more than ten kilometers when they finally pursue the battle.