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People on various bridges are eager to discuss looking at the big screen, and their eyes are full of worries. There was no public test before, and the first minister of the Xinghe was Ji Xinghe himself, which people really could not accept.

But this is what Ji Xinghe will, and people can agree and pray
I can also see this picture. One minute later, the headquarters of different theaters, the headquarters of the worse gate and other units have different eyes from those of the six spacecraft bridge personnel. Although they have the same concerns, they are still eager and looking forward to it.
Xinghe is very important, not only with tactical value, but also with very important strategic value in specific situations.
Although the battle in space battleship’s cosmic space can’t rely on the docking battle to achieve the final victory like the ancient naval battle in the sea, almost all of them are separated by a few thousand kilometers, but by tens of thousands of kilometers of missiles, magnetic guns and other weapons. The federal Dongfeng-52 missile can hit moving targets more than 200,000 kilometers away.
Which side can figure out the other side’s navigation trajectory and break through the other side’s interception, then it can win.
However, when the Federation has mastered the main gun technology with temporarily limited attack distance and space battleship can measure the shield technology, the possibility of engaging in shipboard warfare is extremely high.
It is better to expect ordinary soldiers or elite soldiers of mobile special forces to play an important role in space battleship’s docking battle than to expect the Federation to further upgrade its main gun technology to greatly increase the attack distance
The mecha, the strongest individual weapon on the surface, has naturally been brought to the battle level, which is also the main reason why the Federation wants to form four major orbital descending mecha corps. First, the Federation mecha has no propulsion engine structure except a few, and it is even more impossible for the main surface battlefield to increase the propulsion engine device in the Mecha Department.
And even champion Hou, overlord armour, glory armour, city armour, these mecha with propulsion engines, it is impossible for their drivers to have a speed that matches the battle.
In an environment without gravity warfare, a careless person will fly to the marginal universe, and it is very difficult to live. What’s worse, what about returning to the battlefield that may be moving at high speed?
Galaxy, so the mecha suite should be born on demand.
Aliens watched Ji Xinghe, the driving champion, stepping on the flying sword like in the story of cultivating immortals, and the Xinghe gradually distanced itself from the spaceship, many of which raised envy.
"Keep the speed at the expected level"
"Xinghe has not deviated from the flight direction of the channel at present and remained stable horizontally."
"Xinghe is approaching the target spacecraft synchronously."
Let people relax gradually to show that the distance between China Star River and Ji Star River is getting closer and closer. Many of the spacecraft will return to the Blue Star and will return to another star. Ji Star River is going to give them gifts.
"Master, do you want to test one?" Xingyue was a little excited and said, "Don’t worry, I have tested it many times and it is absolutely no problem."
It’s necessary for Ji Xinghe to ponder to test the Xinghe slightly, but now …
"Wait until the gift is completed, otherwise they will be nervous again."
Xingyue got the message.
"I know, but they must be more than nervous and afraid. Ha ha ha … We won’t scare them when we look at Yan Yan’s face. Yan Yan is also worried about you."
I will worry that Ji Xinghe will not worry that there is no restriction on the communication between Xingyue and Moon. Xingyue is doing exercises remotely and has not really come to Champion Hou or Xinghe.
The process did not go wrong as promised by the stars and the moon, and the Xinghe successfully merged with another spacecraft and compared it with the design spacecraft without hanging points.
It says that the Star River has the ability to forcibly attach itself to a spaceship, space battleship.
Although the imperial spacecraft and warships will certainly not make the Xinghe so easy to complete its attachment, it is even less likely that the Xinghe will appear near the airlock hatch, but there is no need for any hatch when there is a champion weapon.
And the Milky Way is a weapon, a very powerful weapon.
When the spacecraft door opened, it flew into the middle airlock and filled with gas. Xing Xinghe completed a special interstellar flight.
The whole process has been seen by many people. When people fantasize that space battleship’s federal mecha are driving a flying device similar to Xinghe to carry out the docking battle,
The first picture of the Minister Department of Xinghe was also seen by Emperor Wu III.
It smiled and said to Adakang, "Look, they are really afraid of us, so the information was given directly to us without anything."
Adacon doesn’t care about this ridiculous threat. He already knows how fast the spaceship is and how strong its defense is.
Ji Xinghe? Xinghe?
What if I can fight again? What if Tai Zhong flies up and looks handsome again? What’s the difference between a situation that can’t be chased at all and a clown?
There is one thing in its heart that frowns and says, "When are you going to get that ship? The Federation has decided to come to our planet. Do you really want our planet to fight them? Don’t forget that the number of nuclear weapons in the Federation is more than ours, and that Tuyuan will never do anything. I know that he is more ruthless than Ji Xinghe! "
Emperor Wu III kept smiling and replied, "If you don’t get a new life from the ashes, you will perish with the ashes, hehe …"
Chapter 1 Countdown to Final Battle
Adakang determined that Emperor Wu III was really crazy.
"Do you want to learn from the ruins and let our Chinese and the Federal War be destroyed into ruins?"
Emperor Wu III didn’t respond this time, but continued to look at the screen, showing that Ji Xinghe was driving the’ Royal Sword Flying’ in the universe. Although it didn’t see the so-called Xinghe, it was a very good solution-fighting against the Federation and the Empire.
Neither of the two writers has entered the real interstellar era, and their own fleets can be called space fleets instead of interstellar fleets. It is easy for both writers, but interstellar travel is very difficult.
At present, there are two planets in the Federation, Blue Star and Alien. Although they can be extended outward and outward, they can limit the solar root, so there is no possibility of exploring other stars.
Although the empire has the ability to explore other stars and can reach the sun across dozens of light-years distance, the problem is that the empire does not rely on the navigation ability of spacecraft and warships, but on the transition gate technology.
With the jump gate technology, the development of science and technology in the former empire was very abnormal, and the lack of popular education was based on the pure competition of spaceships and warships. The comprehensive performance of the empire was not as good as that of the Federation. This is one of the main reasons why the former Federation launched the offensive against alien stars first, but failed to get the alien system.
Emperor Wu III knew how to be ashamed and brave. Over the years, he has mobilized a lot of resources of the empire to build a fleet that is widely recognized by the informed apes and monkeys of the empire as being able to crush the federal space fleet.
So Aidakang said that he could not understand the idea of Emperor Wu III, and he guessed the crazy idea.
"Our fleet really beat the federal fleet? Not even with that spaceship? "
Emperor Wu III looked at the screen and the Xinghe landed very quickly and smoothly on the outer bulkhead of a spacecraft flying at high speed, which was really enviable.
It replied, "I can’t beat it."
Adakang frowned. "You mean our fleet may not be able to reach the sun? And the federal fleet is likely to come to our empire star? "
"Something like that."
"What do you mean almost?" Ada Kang Yin is a little angry. "How can the federal fleet come? If we don’t want them to come, they can’t pass through the interstellar transition gate. Even if their army can really occupy a transition base port, we can always destroy a transition base port."
Emperor Wu III asked, "The Federation is reluctant to destroy our alien transition base. Are you willing to destroy it?"
Whether the transition base can send troops to the empire to reach the alien planet is the same as whether the Federation can change its passive initiative from the defensive stage to the counterattack stage. If it is unnecessary, neither side will carry out a devastating blow to the port of the transition base. On whether it is an alien star or an imperial star.
This means that if the Federation can really occupy a port located in the alien transition base, it will have the opportunity to attack the imperial star field exhibition as the former imperial alien did.
"I hate to part with it, but can the federal fleet really rise?" Adakang’s tone continued to be deliberately angry. "Don’t say that we have mastered the system. Just space battleship, we have 392 federations. How much?"
Judging from the information they can get, there are only 100 ships in the Federal Republic of space battleship in their early days, and many of them are transformed from spaceships or modified from specific spaceships during the war.
The comparison of the quantity and quality of space battleship between the two sides can make the empire form a crushing advantage
Emperor Wu III laughed and woke up. "Have you forgotten how you lost the first expedition?"
Adacon was suddenly silent. It thought about the situation more than once. When the Imperial Federation didn’t respond, the alien surface suddenly appeared, and then it launched an annihilation offensive against all federal units of the alien and set about building the first transition base.
However, more than two months later, millions of troops from the Federation arrived at the alien planet. Now it still feels incredible because according to their information, it took two months for the Federation to sail from the Blue Star to the alien planet, which means that the Federation completed the mobilization of the people in a week and recruited all the theories of the Federation to send millions of troops to the alien’ spaceship’.
It is not difficult to do this with an imperial system. Emperor Wu III had a high handle, but the federal system seemed impossible at that time.
So they are as unresponsive as the earliest alien federal humans, and they are attacked by millions of troops.